Dubai, UAE, 18th May 2021 – Arc Solutions, a joint venture launched by du and Batelco, has signed an agreement with BSO, the leading global telecoms operator powering the digital age, to interconnect network footprints in the Middle East and around the world. The partnership enables Arc to seamlessly deliver networking solutions across BSO’s evolving global ecosystem, and BSO to expand its presence in the Middle East with Arc’s local knowledge and expertise.

Arc and BSO share a common goal to make the ordering, provisioning and management of global connectivity as seamless as possible for customers. This agreement is the first step in integrating the companies’ geographically complementary footprints and providing customers with on-demand networking via a unified platform.

“The partnership enables our local customers to rapidly turn-up services across a resilient and low-latency global network. They gain immediate access to international digital hubs and have the freedom to connect and grow in new markets with a consistent user experience. We are excited to be working BSO, who share our vision for seamless connectivity delivered with expert local knowledge. This agreement is testament to the strong relationship and shared objective that we have with BSO,” said Mahesh Jaishankar, CEO at Arc. “We believe that this is an impactful first step in a broader partnership, and we are excited to grow together.”

BSO’s network seamlessly connects 240 data centres and local exchanges in 33 countries across the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. It offers ultra-low latency connectivity to global financial hubs as well as cloud on-ramps, hosting and managed services. Arc and BSO’s customers and partners can rapidly connect on-demand to and from any point over the companies’ combined footprint, with extended reach, capabilities and growth opportunities.

“The Middle East is home to some of the most dynamic and rapidly transforming markets in the world. Our partnership with Arc gives us an immediate competitive advantage with its local knowledge and network presence. We see this as an opportunity to expand in the region while enabling Arc’s customers to benefit from ultra-low latency networking across the globe,” said Michael Ourabah, CEO at BSO. “Together with Arc, we are combining technical expertise with local knowledge to deliver new and unique capabilities in some of the fastest growing markets in the world. This an opportunity to create new value for customers and grow with a unique and trusted partner.”

Arc enables BSO to expand its presence in markets like the UAE, Oman, Pakistan, Djibouti, Bahrain, KSA, Kuwait, Jordan and Egypt. As a regional intelligent network provider, Arc’s vision is a highly interconnected Middle Eastern market that accelerates how network-centric businesses optimise, grow and innovate in cloud, content and communications.

About Arc Solutions

Arc is a provider of integrated networking solutions that simplify connecting and optimising applications and services across the Middle East. Carriers, enterprises, cloud and content providers benefit from intelligent edge networking that delivers rapid access to networks, points of presence, data centre infrastructure and subsea cable systems. Arc puts customers and partners in control of their connectivity in the Middle East and enables them to seamlessly connect across the region’s commercial and communication hubs. Launched as an independent provider with investments from du and Batelco, the team at Arc are experts in connecting hubs in the region with experience in serving the largest and most innovative local and global businesses. It is no longer about having a single hub for the Middle East, but how fast you can connect hubs and grow your ecosystem across the region.

We give you the edge in the Middle East.

About BSO

BSO is a global telecoms operator powering the digital age. 17 years of innovation, independence and pioneering spirit underpin its customer relationships – trusted partnerships with technology-empowered companies that are embracing global opportunities, scaling rapidly and outperforming competitors.

From trading firms at finance’s bleeding edge to high-growth businesses where network performance, reach, diversity and exceptional 24/7 support define success, BSO delivers every time. One of the world’s largest privately-owned telecom companies by PoP count. An unrivalled international footprint. Extensive expertise in difficult-to-access regions and emerging markets. A team listening intently to every customer’s unique needs. A broad spectrum of shared and dedicated services, unmanaged to fully managed. An uncontested consulting-led approach.

This bespoke intelligent infrastructure, incomparable speed, unmatched service, experience and state-of-the-art technology is what makes BSO a passionate partner rather than a transactional provider.