By Manel Jendoubi March 15, 2022

The Problem statement

A global carrier was looking to reduce their costs and offer a quick turnaround to their customers while expanding their network in the region. The challenge faced by the customer was having to pay for large bandwidth even though their consumption didn’t exceed 20% of it. The customer was looking to optimize their footprint in the region, reduce the TCO and offer a better customer experience.

Solution Implemented

ARC’s value proposition is built around a meshed network in the region connecting Datacentres through a native IP highly redundant platform equipped with high-performance interfaces, allowing networks to scale to meet evolving traffic demands.​

ARC supplied the customer with a port where the customer could turn on capacity from 1 Mbps to 10000 Gbps as per their need. ARC’s commercial model allowed the customer to manage their bandwidth by scaling up or down the bandwidth and turn up new circuits in less than 24 hours.​

Benefit for the customer

ARC managed to help the customer in three main areas:
i.TCO optimisation: bring their capex to zero as the Customer don’t have to purchase equipment and neither colocation and optimize their capex as the customer pays only for what he uses and can adjust up/down according to their requirement
ii.Time to market: Services are activated instantly instead of four weeks minimum
iii.One Contract: Customer were not faced with the time and resource intensive work to negotiate and conclude contracts with multiple service providers